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On Sunday 24th April 2022 ATNC hosted an 8 hour netball match raising over £1300 for Ukraine!

Team Clubs have a fabulous win

Last Thursday saw Team Clubs beat Ryland Rapidz 53-40 and Team Spades losing against CBH 2 by just 3 goals. Both of our teams had the help of some of our very talented youth players, playing in full league action for the first time and in division 3! Our youngsters are going to be a force to be reckoned with when they play in their own team come September.

Summer League 2022

The Redditch Summer League is underway after a messy start due to the courts at Tudor Grange finally having some much needed repair work done. We have 4 league teams this season: Team Hearts in division 1, Team Aces in division 2, Team Clubs and Team Spades both in division 3. To follow the results weekly please go to the link League Tables.

First win for Team Spades

Some great league action today with Team Spades having a great win over Ryland Rapidz 25-16, 5 points on the board, well done girls. Team Clubs had a tough game against Firefox Sparks losing 45-28 but nevertheless putting a point on the board for getting over half of their score, well done ladies xx It was my intention to watch today having a day off from umpiring for a change but two teams needed an umpire so I stepped in xx

Youth Teams on a winning start

Our youth teams had their first matches of the season today with fantastic wins. Our adult teams, Hearts and Aces, played some excellent netball just missing out on two wins both by just two goals! Still put points on the score board, well done ATNC


There was more league action today when Team Clubs played Stratford Thunderbirds D. Clubs had a convincing win with a score of 48-25. Two matches and two wins for our lovely ladies!

More league action

Teams Hearts and Aces continued to put points on the scoreboard yesterday. Aces had a convincing win over Vixens 35-27, an established Redditch team with experienced players, our mix of experienced and young players proved very successful. Hearts had a tough battle against Panthers, a team that regularly play in the Birmingham Prem league, they still managed to get within half of their score 54-29.

Back to league action

A great start to the new winter league after what has been a very long 18 months due to Covid! It was great to play under normal rules and not the modified rules at long last. Team Spades had a very closely contested match losing against Redditch Rubies by just 5 goals, 29-24, however they do put 2 points on the scoreboard and Team Clubs had a fabulous win against Ryland Rangers 52-30 adding 5 points to their scoreboard. A big well done to both teams


Sorry it has been so long, blame Covid!

We are back training on a lovely new court at Alcester Tennis Club: Mondays 7.00pm-8.30pm and Wednesdays 7.30pm – 9.00pm. Any new players please come along on a Monday evening. For further details please drop me an email or give me a call on 07867874843. We will be hosting a few friendly matches on Sunday mornings 10am – 12pm. It is good to be back, look forward to seeing you all soon. xx

2020 not how we imagined

Hi everyone,

I hope you have kept fit and well during this awful pandemic. Having waited a long time for England netball to be given the green light from the Government to commence training, we resumed indoor training at the Greig in September, unfortunately it only lasted one week then we were told we could only train outdoors. Trying to find a venue has proved difficult until I approached little Dunnington School who were happy to allow us to use their outdoor court for a small donation. We have been extremely grateful to them. Although it is a smaller court it has enabled us to get together and practice the modified rules: 4 ft standing distance marking, no toss ups etc.

Until Alcester Grammar School are happy to allow netball back we will not be playing league netball. Watch this space.

Stay safe.