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Blackhorse too powerful for our Aces

Last night Team Aces played 2nd in the league Blackhorse, the only team to beat them so far this season and they did again, by 10 goals. The match started good, goal for goal, neck and neck for the first half. Aces used the width of the court well, making Blackhorse’s defence work hard. Although Aces lost they gained a point for scoring more than half the score and still remain top of the league table in 2nd division. Well done ladies.

A win for Team Hearts upsets their opponents

Hearts played Lodge Park Indigo Monday night and won 53-49. It was certainly a game of two halves: the first was competitive with both teams goal for goal with Hearts gaining the goal advantage at half time. The third quarter was very scrappy by both teams but Hearts increased the pressure in the final phase and were happy to clinch the win. Unfortunately Lodge did not reciprocate the three cheers from Hearts at the end of the match, very poor sportsmanship indeed!

Another win for Team Aces

Last night our lovely Team Aces took on OBs and had a confident win 58-33. Watching from the sidelines it was wonderful to see great flow up and down the court. The shooters were on fire, making use of their mid court players passing the ball out and back in to get closer to the post. The defence read the game really well in the D with some fab interception. Well played ladies and congratulations to Molly Harrison for getting player two days in a row.

Team Hearts beat Panthers this time

Last night team Hearts took on the mighty Panthers, who are above them in the league table. Hearts won by 3 goals 52-49! It was neck and neck after the first quarter in which our GA had to leave the court with a nose bleed caused by a flinging arm of the GD! Luckily we had a sub and play continued with a full team. The flow was fast with very few unforced errors. One of Panthers players was given a caution for dangerous play after several requests to tidy up her play. A fabulous win, well done ladies πŸ₯°

We supported the Alcester Roman Market

All ages had a go at our shooting game

Team Spades clinch the win against Team Clubs

A great inter club league game last night,♠️ v ♣️ with a score of 45-35 to Team Spades. Both teams assisted by our youth players. Well done to everyone involved.

Spades win the week

An excellent week of netball: Spades were in action against Swans and won 39-34. I do think that the girls were showing signs of exam fatigue though as they were lacking their normal ‘oomph’ with speed and agility but a fab win! Tonight division 1 Hearts were in action against Redditch who are sitting just above them mid table. It was some of the best netball I have seen them play and they are improving week by week, they could do with a sub or two, losing 47-60. Aces suffered their first defeat of the season by just 2 goals against Blackhorse, who are nipping at their heels for the top spot in division 2. Aces result will add 2 more points so safe at the top! Team Clubs are missing their main shooter and are relying on several youth players to help them out, who are doing a fabulous job and it is preparing them for their first adult league winter season from September.

Another fab win for Aces

So so proud of Team Aces who achieved their 9th win from 9 matches today vs Alvechurch Black Panthers!
A fast and efficient first half gave us a big lead, with superb shooting from Gemma Biddle who played up for us, and impressive defending from Emily Grainger!
Going into the second half there was great movement up the court with Katie, Leah and Kirsty helping get every turnover ball up into attack. Some great feeds from Chloe Evans and Grace helped the shooters keep the lead and end the game 48-30!
We have some feedback to work on but all things we can improve on together!
Congrats girls, well deserved player for Gemma Biddle – a great game overall!!πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³

Our division 3 teams were in action tonight

Clubs played Swans this evening and it was an evenly contested game ending in a draw 38-38! Our young Spades team had a tough game against the feisty Stratford Thunderbirds, who are sitting comfortably at the top of the league table and should really be playing in a higher division. Spades didn’t let it deter them and finished up 27-57. Thank you to our lovely youth players for playing up for both teams this evening xx

Team Aces and their player of the match celebrate!

Last night Team Aces had a fabulous win 40-28 against Firefox Sparks. It started off very scrappy with scores level at half time then Aces had a change around and continued their winning streak! Chloe Hancox awarded player of the match, a great start to her 18th birthday today, happy birthday Chloe enjoy your celebrations πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸ°πŸΎπŸ₯‚ xx