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A great end to the summer season

A great end to the summer season

Wow, what a great end to the Summer League this week: 3 matches and 3 incredible wins. Hearts on Monday then Clubs and Spades last night. I umpired the Spades match against Swans and it was a closely contested match but our youngsters kept up their pace winning 51-36 with thanks to newcomer Ellie Ward, who will be joining Clubs for the winter. Clubs had a high scoring win over Redditch Rubies 70-23, I hear it was the best they had played! Well done everyone and let’s look forward to a great winter league. See you all at training on Mondays throughout August xx

Team Hearts finish on a high

I had the pleasure to watch Team Hearts play their final match of the summer season and they ended on a high, winning 69-25 against CBH. I have to say this was the best I have seen them play. Scoring a consistent 17 goals per quarter. The positioning on court was perfect, defenders keeping back but constantly watching the ball and coming forward when needed. Movement around the D for pass backs and rebounds, both ends, was excellent. Hearts have finished mid table in 1st division, an excellent result and one to build on for the winter season. Well done ladies ♥️♥️♥️

As the summer comes to a close

All the fixtures are out for the winter season (can’t believe I am mentioning winter already!) I have prepared schedules for each team and posted to the relevant groups. It is the first time in Redditch League history that we have 6 divisions after receiving 47 applications! We are 5 of them! It is our first time for 5 league teams and I would like to welcome our new Team Diamonds: these girls have been training with Elaine for the last few years and have been helping our squads out during the summer league. ACES♦️♣️♥️♠️🥰

Team Hearts lose out to 2nd in the league

Team Hearts lost against 2nd in the division Alvechurch Panthers tonight 54-41. End of Q1 ♥️were in the lead by 2 goals, Panthers came out fighting and at end of Q2 were 4 in front and continued to creep ahead. They had some incredible shooters who rarely missed a shot! Some great movement up and down the court make use of the width and some really hard balls! Big thanks to the 3 girls that played up, Lydia Coyne from Team Spades and Gemma Ward & Chloe Hancox from Team Aces

Team Clubs v Firefox Kingsley

Team Clubs were in action against Firefox Kingsley last week with a score of 35-38. It was neck and neck at the end of the first two quarters and Clubs came out fighting in the third gaining a 5 goal lead at one point. A few unforced errors because of weak overhead passes and not using the full width of the court effectively resulted in being pipped at the post, nevertheless a great, friendly game and 2 points on the score board. Well done to our returning player Jodie Palmer for getting player of the match

Hearts play the prem team again

Team Hearts played the mighty Blackbird Majors last night and put in a valiant effort against the prem team losing 92-28! Thanks to Gemma Ward and Kirsty Venn for playing up and congratulations Kirsty on getting a well deserved player of the match, you are proving to be a very valued member of ATNC 🥰

Generous donation

We have received a donation of £250.00 from one of my customers, Peter Reichel. Additional funding enables us to continue providing excellent training facilities, coaching, umpiring, kit and the all important league matches whilst keeping our member subs at a very affordable £15.00 per month.

Team Spades gain another 2 points

Team Spades lost against Redditch Rubies last night 32-29. With most of their regular players unavailable, no subs and those Spades that played still recovering from doing their gold DofE, they did well to gain 2 points thanks to the help of our youth players who all had a fabulous game. Well done to our young Mary Farnell on being awarded player of the match.

Last week we had 3 out of 4 wins!

I was away last week but happy to report we had 3 out of 4 wins: Hearts had a great win against Ryland 51-38, Spades another win against Jaguar 34-28, despite being down by 12 goals at half time! Clubs had a 46-19 win against Rylabd Roses, and Aces missed out on another win by just 1 goal 34-35 against Alvechurch Panthers

Blackhorse too powerful for our Aces

Last night Team Aces played 2nd in the league Blackhorse, the only team to beat them so far this season and they did again, by 10 goals. The match started good, goal for goal, neck and neck for the first half. Aces used the width of the court well, making Blackhorse’s defence work hard. Although Aces lost they gained a point for scoring more than half the score and still remain top of the league table in 2nd division. Well done ladies.