Spades win the week

An excellent week of netball: Spades were in action against Swans and won 39-34. I do think that the girls were showing signs of exam fatigue though as they were lacking their normal ‘oomph’ with speed and agility but a fab win! Tonight division 1 Hearts were in action against Redditch who are sitting just above them mid table. It was some of the best netball I have seen them play and they are improving week by week, they could do with a sub or two, losing 47-60. Aces suffered their first defeat of the season by just 2 goals against Blackhorse, who are nipping at their heels for the top spot in division 2. Aces result will add 2 more points so safe at the top! Team Clubs are missing their main shooter and are relying on several youth players to help them out, who are doing a fabulous job and it is preparing them for their first adult league winter season from September.